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A walk in my thoughts

Abstract portrait
Size: 40 W x 50 H cm.

Size: 40 W x 50 H cm.

Mediums: acrylic, oil, oil pastel

Materials: canvas on a wooden subframe

‘A Walk in My Thoughts’ is an expressive and dynamic portrait of a woman, rendered in a blend of oil and acrylic paints and oil pastel on canvas. The brushstrokes and layering of the mediums create a sense of movement and depth, giving the piece a sense of emotional intensity. The use of color and texture in the composition adds to the overall feeling of introspection and contemplation, evoking the sense of a personal journey. The painting captures the essence of the woman’s inner thoughts and emotions through the artist’s use of abstract forms and techniques.

‘A walk in my thoughts’ is an original painting by Svetlana Yakova. Abstract portrait.

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